Monday, March 9, 2009

Cut and Fold Designs in Coloured Papers

The colour seems to "pop" on some of these combinations. On others, I used a copper metallic pen in a dotted line to simulate stitching and define the shape. I found that i am getting quite adept with the craft knife, as I used it for cutting the shapes in the coloured papers.
Some of the designs lent themselves to interweaving, and they look quite interesting.

I can see this as a very important exercise and also as a tool for designing, especially for quilt blocks and tiles. I rather enjoyed the possibilities, and executing the shapes in the coloured papers. I am becoming very keen to see some of them stitched in fabric.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Black and White, Fold and Cut Designs

This section was very interesting, and I look forward to trying the numerous variations of patterns to be formed in the coloured papers section.
Some of the resulting shapes are lacy and delicate, where others are quite heavy looking. When I realized that the negative shapes, or borders produced in the folding and cutting process were also attractive, and I did three pages of that variation. The actual shape is somewhat smaller to allow for the border.

I am moving quicker now, as I am anxious to get on to the actual designing and stitching into fabric part of things.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Design Sheet C

Some of these designs are decidedly intricate, but quite interesting. Some could be used as tiles or quilt squares, I think.