Thursday, February 28, 2008


Here are the stitches I have learned for this module, from top to bottom: smyrna, brick, darning, Algerian eye and oblong with backstitch, cross, French, knotted, gobelin (up 2 over 2) gobelin droite, Van Dyke.

I gave up on the Algerian eye across the row, as I did not like the effect.

The threads used in this sample are, from left to right: knitting tape (Como Italian Style by Wendy), tapestry wool (Anchor), Zwicky silk (Flora), 1/8th" double faced satin ribbon (Offray), nylon drapery cord, DMC cotton floss, mohair content yarn, pearl cotton #5 (Anchor), rayon floss (DMC), metallic cord, eyelash yarn, pearl cotton #8 (DMC).

Some rows were not completed in the selected threads for one of two reasons: either there was not enough thread, or I did not like the effect.

Here is the other rubbing. It was one on blue tissue paper with yellow oil pastel. Apparently, black tissue paper is unavailable at our local dollar store except at Halloween! One wonders what the Goth population does for gift wrapping>

City and Guilds, Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery, Foundation Module

The Foundation Module package arrived over Xmas, while I was out of town, and I was very excited to hear it had arrived. When I got home, I made a cup of tea and sat down to read. It was like the Dr Who Tardis... quite a small package, but so much more inside than one would expect.
Choosing my wall had been a slow process, as the weather had been either bitter cold or wet. Also, I wanted a wall that had history, colour, and texture. I finally decided on the old courthouse, which overlooks the Thames River. ( Yes, we have a Thames River running though our London too!) I noticed a section of the wall which had a cobalt blue and rust colours in the stones. What rich colours! The rubbings were tricky to do in the wind, and I suspect I may have shifted the paper as I worked, but the following days were even wetter, so I will stick with what I have done.
The day I chose to photograph and take a rubbing of my chosen wall was after a huge amount of rain, but that day was cloudy and windy. It was so windy in fact that I managed to acquire a bloodshot eye. Marilyn Manson might have wanted it for one of his videos! The doctor told me that usually this sort of problem happens after a night of alcohol binging and purging. At my age, I do not think so, but he does have a sense of humour. Thank goodness it disappeared after only two weeks!
Wednesday January 16 was the first day of CEG London Winter Weekend, and I had with me my photos, rubbings, canvas, threads, and other items I thought necessary to start the project.