Friday, December 28, 2012

Module 2, Animals and their markings


Blue Jay: strident, squawk, cheeky. bossy, loud, brazen.

Red-winged Blackbird Photo

Red Winged Blackbird: dweller of soggy places, both fresh and saltwater.
His song makes me smile.

Loon: Lonely cry, Loon's Necklace (folklore tale), clear echoing call sounds lonely, but very beautiful.

File:Striped Skunk.jpg

Skunk: stinky, strong offensive smell (even scares off pumas and rattlesnakes)

Chipmunk: cheeky, cute, chunky cheeks, saucy, chatterer, quick, lively.

Raccoon: clever with its front paws, bandit, impudent, intelligent, invasive.

                                                    photos by Jacqueline Venus
Great Blue Heron: The upper picture is a machine applique of mine. Patience,
width 22" height 28",machine applique with hand embroidery, cotton, 
attached over stretched canvas
The lower photo, I took at the Dorchester Mill Pond, just east of London Ontario. 
This bird is majestic in appearance, very graceful and slow moving while hunting in the shallow water, but quite clumsy looking when taking off to fly.

photos by Jacqueline Venus
Painted Turtle: armored, colourful underplate, slow moving on land, but quick to splash into the pond when startled.

Peregrine Falcon: soaring, diving stooping, hunter, extremely fast (300 mph).
There is one of these amazing creatures living atop the TD Tower in downtown London. We know when he is in residence when we find various body parts of small animals on the sidewalk below.

Canada Lynx: beautiful cat, ruffled collar, hunter, stalker, soft and furry,


Canadian Rattlesnake: dangerous, deadly, diamond patterns, scaly, scary.

The animals I have chosen are all located in Canada.

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