Friday, March 21, 2008

Certificate, Module 1

It is amazing to see how many variations of crosses and stars there are around us. Not all the crosses are religion based, not all the stars are the five pointed shape we first think of when hearing "star". They are all around us if we but look and see. A digital camera is a handy device to have ready to capture the images.
Websites are also a useful tool. was used to find the images of the compass, and has over 100 images of crosses, with their names. has many celtic crosses.
I also found gift-wrapping paper, jewellery, fabric,
There are many expressions in common use that employ the words "cross" and "star". Some of them are listed below.
Star: starfish, star anise, star fruit, star-crossed, starry eyed, starring..., seeing stars, Toronto Star (newspaper).
Cross: cross-eyed, crossed fingers, crosswalk, cross (angry), to cross someone, cross the street, cross purposes, "Cross and Blackwell", Red Cross, criss-cross, crossword, cross dressing, hot cross buns. cross over, crossword.

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