Saturday, March 1, 2008

Woven paper and resolved pieces

I was surprised at how tricky (ie "difficult") it was to weave the torn papers. I realized that some of the rocks did not lend themselves to being woven over, but did manage to get some weaving between the two larger rocks.

I made two paper "L's", to form a rectangle or square shape to help me choose and area for further work. I outlined the area chosen for my first resolved piece in black fine marker.
For the second resolved piece, I placed clear plastic over the paper, and then the clean canvas, onto which I painted the pattern of the woven paint and oil pastel papers with Pebeo Setacolour . I then selected three triangular areas. I outlined these areas in white basting stitches to isolate them from what would become the background. I then used various stitched to complete the design.

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